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Elements of Design


This gallery is the results of my first 2 classes at the School of the Photographic Arts of Ottawa. Please enjoy my work. Comment if you would like too.

I am hoping to continue posting galleries, tips and tricks and some results from things I learn along the way. If you ever have any request just send me a email.

I hope everyone can learn something from my new site or at least see some cool pictures.



Welcome to my new photography blog gallery! I created this site to seperate my family fun images from my learning\artistic images. Now unless I have a class that requires me to shoot family members or portraits you won’t see much images of them here. Check the link roll on the right for that site.

I really want to read comments from everyone. So tell me what you think. I don’t like every image I see either so feel free to say what is on your mind. What i don’t want to read is negitivity. If you don’t like it say so but don’t insult me.

If any one wants to know how I did any image on the site just ask me I would be happy to post it or send you an email with a how to or a link to where you can learn.

Remember the camera is a capture device, photography is the art of it all. Don’t just capture the image, photograph what you see so you can share it with others.