Tilt – Shift Photography

The Market II

This weeks class was on Tilt-Shift photography. For those of you who don’t know this concept check this link out.

Tilt shift photography is a fun form a shooting. It is especially great if you can get an over view look at a busy area in a urban centre. Although I saw some awesome examples from my class mates this week who didn’t follow this concept at all. So mostly it is a trial and error approach.

It is a very artistic form of photography and lends it self to creating very interesting images which make a lot of people say “Wow!” Add night shooting into the mike and you have some neat lighting effects. At first you might have a hard time getting right as I did, but if you try to get as high up as you can, you will see the results get better. Then once you get a feel for it you can try more challenging angles.

One key to any tilt shift photos is I found the shots my classmates made had bright contrasting colours so keep that in mind.

Men at work

Another goal of this weeks class was night photography. Concentrating on in camera metering and tri-pod use. If you can get over the freakiness of long shutter speeds, night photography is fun and cool. You can create amazing images using time as your tool. In the image below there was a bus going by and it basically has disappeared right of the the picture.

Night Shot

The one thing I have found out in all this was I need to invest in a good tri-pod. The one I have does the job but it is heavy and not as sturdy as I would like. I think the hype on carbon fibre is actually true. It is just one more piece of equipment that if you invest the money in you will see the difference.

Both night photography and tilt shift photography have great artistic potential. Mixing them with other forms like portraits will create some interesting pieces of work.

Next class is studio lighting can’t wait. i am looking forward to this class as I am a big fan of glamour and portrait photography.

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