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No class this week so I thought I might pass on a trick I have for Lightroom (Lr) white balance I found over at Lightroom Killer Tips check out the site if you want to learn anything to do with Lr.

One of the only few differences in Lr when it comes to handling JPEGs over RAW images is the White Balance (WB) settings. Well Matt over at Lightroom Killer Tips has this tip to even up how Lr can handle WB equally whether you are shooting RAW or JPEG.

Find a RAW image in your cataloge that you shot with your camera. Now go to the Develop module in Lr. Next all you have to do is create a preset for each of the define WB settings listed for the WB. There is no need to create presets for “As Shot”, “Auto”, or “Custom” as those will appear regardless of your file type.

white balance

White Balance

To create a WB only preset, set the WB you want from the White Balance settings drop down picture on the right. Then over in the preset list, press the “+” at the top right of the list. I suggest you create a new folder called “White Balance”. Give it the name of the WB setting you choose i.e. Daylight and add the camera name if you have more than one camera. Next all you want to do is make sure you select the WB setting to save in the preset. So click the “Check None” then check the box besides the White Balance in the list of check boxes. Then hit save. Repeate for each setting in the WB list for each camera you have.

There you go now when you are editing JPEGs you can use these presets to change the WB for the image just like you would for a RAW image.

Hoped this help you out. Check out Lightroom Killer Tips for more videos and tips on Lr.

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