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Clone Stamp tool

before image of apples with toothpicks


This week at school we did a little project using the photoshop clone stamp tool to create expanded views of cut up fruit and vegetables. It was fun and very interactive with the rest of the class. People created their own displays and we all took turns photographing them.

The first steps where to cut up a fruit or vegetable and piece it together using toothpicks as shown here. It wasn’t easy to get everything to stay together right away. I would suggest you start small maybe and work your way up to more complex displays.


Lightroom 3 beta 2 is now out!

Hey everyone,

i just read over at Scott Kelby’s blog that Lightroom 3 beta 2 is available for download. Click here if you want to read what hey have updated in this release.

I am not going to repeat what Scott wrote just go to his site and read it. There is one thing I was interested in and it was the introduction of tethering built right in. Yes! No need to buy special software or get that freeware stuff working. I can’t wait till the final release comes out.


Look no hands!

Fish floating

Look no hands!

Since I started to learn photography I have tried in many ways to get my family involved in my hobby. My wife constantly poses for me and my son and daughters are ready for any sort of paparazzi their future careers might engage them with. But really I have been looking for some photography to get them excited about seeing the image and sharing it with their friends and grand parents.

While looking through an issue of a photo magazine I found a simple technique that wasn’t new to me just showed a different way to use it and get the family involved a bit. So today I am going to demonstrate how to use mask edits to create the following type of pictures.

Step one you need to shoot two images and they have to be done on a tripod other wise you will have a hell of a time lining up the images. The first image I shot was the person or people propped up on a supporting object(s). In my case was an upside down toy container which is usually the state it is in in my house. I used my cameras lock focus to ensure that the two images have the same focal point and depth of field. You might have to do this if you are in a shorter room or not in front of a window. Next I shot the empty image as I call it. It is void of any people or props.



Just wanted to share some images I did this weekend. I got my wife some flowers for her birthday and like always I photographed them just incase she tells me one day I never buy her flowers. Just kidding!

Any way all I did here was use my D300 with either my 105mm or my 17-55mm. Coupled with and Ezybox softbox to defuse the light over my SB800 against a black fabric background. Simple! Then using Lightroom or Photoshop I removed some stems.

Hope you enjoy.

Quick tips

Here are a couple of tips I learnt this week in class and from my buddy John Major.

When you are shooting in a high ISO setting try to over expose a bit. What this does is gives your sensor a little more time/light to do its job. You will reduce the noise in your shot without the use of Noise Reduction software.

Which leads me to this tip. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t get he correct exsposure for your entire shot it is better to over exspose an area rather than under expose. Reason is it is easier to recover from an over exsposed area in Lightroom or Photoshop than it is from an under exspose area.

That’s it for today. Have fun and keep shooting.