Clone Stamp tool

before image of apples with toothpicks


This week at school we did a little project using the photoshop clone stamp tool to create expanded views of cut up fruit and vegetables. It was fun and very interactive with the rest of the class. People created their own displays and we all took turns photographing them.

The first steps where to cut up a fruit or vegetable and piece it together using toothpicks as shown here. It wasn’t easy to get everything to stay together right away. I would suggest you start small maybe and work your way up to more complex displays.

after of apple without toothpicks


Next steps are to use the clone stamp tool to “clone out” the toothpicks. This process could take a while depending on the number of visible toothpicks and how complex the lighting and shadows are.

The results are cool. I decided to use a black background but white is also good. With the black you don’t get shadows like you would with the white which would make it look like it is floating more.

after strawberry


All in all this was fun and different. From a learning perspective it was perfect for shooting miniatures and learning photoshop’s clone stamp tool. If I find some time I will post some more results.

Be sure to have extra food you will get hungry doing this project and you don’t want to eat your display. Till next time keep shooting!

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