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Maternity Photo Ideas

photo above belly

Different perspective

Even if you are not a pro shooter, from time to time we all get asked by someone if we would mind photographing them. It could be as simple as a Facebook profile picture, or family photos, or even a full wedding. Recently I did a maternity shoot for a friend of my wife’s. Now I never photographed my wife when she was pregnant with our son because I was still very new to the professional approach to photography. This has been my wife’s main selling point to have another child. Any way, so when my good buddy John Major photographed her it allowed me to learn a lot for techniques and poses.

Additionally I always search the internet for ideas for each shoot I do and I encourage my “clients” to do so as well. What this does is gives you a fresh look at what may be out there and it gives your “client” an idea as to what may or may not interest them.

Now a maternity shoot also is dictated by what the subject is comfortable with and as a shooter you have to respect that. Most maternity shoots are done in the 3rd trimester which means the woman has a lot of pressure on her back, legs and bladder so be prepared for many bathroom breaks.


Optional Picture Control

picture control in cameraA few weeks back a fellow classmate of mine asked me for some tips for the Nikon D300 which we both have. I agreed I would post a few that I knew of for her. Unfortunately I have been busy and to be honest I could not remember any D300 specific tips that is till now.

My D300 was preloaded with 4 Picture Control settings from the factory. Now for those of you who don’t know what the picture control settings are, take a look under the “Shooting Menu” in your camera. There you will find “Set Picture Control” which allows you to choose a preset that allows you to apply a post processing setting to your image after it is shot. My D300 had Standard,Neutral,Vivid and Monochrome installed. Different Nikon cameras may have more.

When I started using Lightroom and I downloaded the camera profile presets, I noticed there were way more than my camera had so I did some searching on the net only to find out there yes there were some more I could download.