World wide photo walk 2010

Yesterday I attend my first Scott Kelby world wide photo walk here in Ottawa. I really didn’t know what to expect before going. I was joined by a friend of mine who shoots like me for fun and friends. Both of us were hoping to be inspired either by the leader or other individuals. I don’t think I was, or at least I didn’t feel I was. And as for my buddy, I think he was feeling the same.

The above is a link to a gallery of images I liked and post processed in Lightroom 3. The images are OK but I feel I can do better. I have to admit landscape and urban landscape photography are not my strong suites and I use these events to try to better my skills and open my artistic view.

The location was in an area in Ottawa we call the market. Lots of little shops, restaurants and tourists. The biggest issue of the day was the heat and humidity. Almost 95% by noon! So it was sticky and not a breeze at all. Now the area is great for a photo walk but I have lived here for a while and actually did some photographic art classes in the area which had us out side shooting a few times so I felt I needed something new.

I think if you are comfortable you could shoot random people if you were able to get their permission or at least take the shots from a distance. I think this could make for some interesting images and stories.

So all in all I think I might have failed my first photo walk. None the less there is a small gallery for you to be the judge.

Till next time keep shooting!

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