RC Car

RC Car

This week I tried my hand at panning. You know the technique of following your subject through its motion to create a shot with movement but have your subject clear and sharp. Well I didn’t have a great go at it but I did learn a lot and was able to get the hang of it before the light ran out.

So what better thing for a guy to photography on a week night than his neighbours racing up and down the street with their RC cars. Panning at 35mph If I can get that surely a couple dancing at their wedding won’t be half as hard.

Here is what I learnt. 1) Light is the key here and this might be the down fall of a lot of these shots to be perfect but I was close. In a wedding shoot, light maybe more scarce but the speed at which you pan is nowhere near 35mph. 2) Lens: A prime lens was much easier to get sharp images with. I used a Nikkor 105mm f2.8 Macro VR. It was sharp and fast to focus. The 105mm magnification was a bit troublesome on the street though. 3) Surrounding obstacles could be an issue at a wedding dance. On the street it was kids, curbs and real cars. At a wedding it would be people, kids, and other stuff. Check your surroundings and if you can find out if the couple has a planned dance.

All in all it was an excellent experience in photography. I am waiting for a sunny day to attempt it again. I will update this post with the results of the shoot to compare. You can be the judge.

Till next time keep shooting.

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