Inukshuk By The Ottawa River

Inukshuk by the Ottawa River

Inukshuk by River

Decided to spend the afternoon by the Ottawa river taken some pictures of the inukshuks.

Now I am sure if you have crossed the Champlain bridge in Ottawa/Gatineau or driven along the Ottawa river you have seen them. Usually they are about 2 feet tall but this year with the hot weather we have had here in Ottawa the river is at a really low level so people have made some inukshuks 6-7 feet tall. Amazing art.

I find that they never get boring year after year. And even though the river washes them away each winter, people still come down to the river side to build them up again each summer. Simply amazing. Built from simple rock from the river bed. Assembled using only balance with no added support, these stand freely all summer long.

Open gallery to see an image of my wife and son sitting by one of these huge statues. You can get some perspective as to how large these displays of art and culture are.

Till next time keep shooting.

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  1. I am heading out there today to take some photos for my photochallenge
    I see people out there all the time taking pictures and painting – they are pretty cool. Love your photos.

    November 3, 2011 at 14:25

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