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You never know

CreekThe family went to the park the other day and of course I brought my camera. While I chased the kids at the park I shot from all kinds of angles to practice some composition.

On the way home there is a creek that passes under the road and this seen caught my eye so I took an extra second to take a shot. Hope you like it.

Till next time keep shooting!

Close up with a 50mm

Went for a walk with the family this weekend and a brought my new 50mm 1.fG along for the trip. I spent some time shooting people but on the way back home spotted this little patch of mushrooms on the path. So I decided to try to see how well the 50mm would focus up close. This is result. Added a little vignetting and voila!

Enjoy the image until next time keep shooting.

If Only

breast dripping wine in to glass

If Only

Well I got a new lens this week. I actually replaced my 50mm 1.8D and 35 1.8G with a very fast 50mm 1.4G. What an awesome lens. I was lucky this weekend to have a friend over who helped me test it out by posing for a shot I have been thinking of. The shot was fun to do only because it was cold for someone.

After a few variations of the shot either with one breast or two I choose this one. I did post process the image a bit to get some of the colour I wanted and to soften the skin a bit with out un-sharpening the glass and its contents. I might try this again to get some different performance out of the lens but so far I am happy about the trade up.