Colour Casting

Hey everyone recently I went on a back country canoe trip with some buddies and of course I could not leave behind my camera. On top of bringing most of my lenses, I also rented a Nikkor 10-24mm f3.5-4.5 wide zoom. Now a while back I never thought of landscape or wide angle photography to be of any interest to me, but upon shooting a family portrait for a friend of my wife’s, I found an interest sparked. So for this trip with clear night skys and beautiful sun rises and sun sets I couldn’t pass up renting one.

Before I set off on the trip I found some emags on landscape photography and did some reading to maximize my results. I knew what I wanted my images to turn out like but I wasn’t sure just hitting the shuttle release was going to achieve this. I was right, colour casting (color casting for Americans) is a huge part of the results.

In the end I was quite surprised with my results straight out of the camera. Unfortunately I rushed to get to the meeting point and didn’t get the time to clean my gear which resulted in a lot of spot removal in post. Still the images turned out great in my opinion and I hope you like them.

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