Steve Mines’s Biography

Born and raised on the island of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Steve spent most of his life involved in technology. Ultimately this is what drew him to photography. After receiving his first DSLR camera in 2007 from his sister as a wedding gift, he has since emerged himself in to the world of photography by assisting a local Ottawa photographer, John Major.

With John’s help, Steve has discovered new ways to shoot and has had opportunities to experience the working life of a photographer in both editorial and wedding photography. Together they lean on each other for learning both the new and old styles of photography and technology.

Now Steve attends the School of the Photographic Arts of Ottawa (SPAO) and has found a new form of photography in the way of art. Taking classes focused mainly on art and design in photography, Steve’s photography is emerging into a whole new area.

As Steve learns more from John and SPAO he will showcase his work here. Join him as he evolves his skills into a new talent.