Little Rays Reptiles Gallery

Over the last few years we as a family have been visiting Little Ray’s Reptiles here in Ottawa. Since they renovated the zoo is even better. I think the only thing that could have been better would have been if the building was bigger. Mind you they have utilized the space much better. The new displays are easy to read and have a lot of great info.




Some shots from the weekend



Flowers, Macro and Lightroom


Some flowers, a little macro work and a bit of creativity in Lightroom. Voila!

Martial Arts Shoot


Frogs up close


Amphibians! Check out the gallery after the jump!

Colour Casting


Hey everyone recently I went on a back country canoe trip with some buddies and of course I could not leave behind my camera. On top of bringing most of my lenses, I also rented a Nikkor 10-24mm f3.5-4.5 wide zoom. Now a while back I never thought of landscape or wide angle photography to be of any interest to me, but upon shooting a family portrait for a friend of my wife’s, I found an interest sparked. So for this trip with clear night skys and beautiful sun rises and sun sets I couldn’t pass up renting one.





The Pumpkins of Halloween 2010

PumpkinHalloween has come and gone and although ours at home was non existent, we were lucky enough to get invited to some friend’s house. Since both of our kids are young and still not sure what Halloween is all about, we only did a very short walk. Along the way though I decided to take some hand held shots of the pumpkins we saw along the way. Remember these kids were only two so we did a block and then went home. It was all good cause it was a cold Canadian fall evening.

Enjoy the shots. Till next time keep shooting.

Inukshuk By The Ottawa River

Inukshuk by the Ottawa River

Inukshuk by River

Decided to spend the afternoon by the Ottawa river taken some pictures of the inukshuks.

Now I am sure if you have crossed the Champlain bridge in Ottawa/Gatineau or driven along the Ottawa river you have seen them. Usually they are about 2 feet tall but this year with the hot weather we have had here in Ottawa the river is at a really low level so people have made some inukshuks 6-7 feet tall. Amazing art.

I find that they never get boring year after year. And even though the river washes them away each winter, people still come down to the river side to build them up again each summer. Simply amazing. Built from simple rock from the river bed. Assembled using only balance with no added support, these stand freely all summer long.

Open gallery to see an image of my wife and son sitting by one of these huge statues. You can get some perspective as to how large these displays of art and culture are.

Till next time keep shooting.

Photo Publication

Green Stink Bug

Green Stink Bug

As many of you know I have been slowly making a career move to become a professional photographer. Well this week I received an email from Canadian Geographic magazine regarding a photo contest I entered last year. Now unfortunately I didn’t win that contest, but I was short listed and since I was short listed, they have asked me to submit some photographs for a new publication featuring Canadian amateur wildlife photographers.

I have setup a gallery here of my possible choices. So it would mean a lot to me if I can get your help on choosing some pictures to submit. All I am asking you to do is to leave a comment to this post before the 26th of August with your top 3 picks. Just give me the number of the photograph that is located at the bottom left of the gallery. I will then tally the votes and make a few choices.

Thanks for everyones help and I will keep you all posted on the results if any.


*** Update Just to let you all know I posted pictures 8, 9, 15 all based on your comments. Thanks again for everyone who replyed to my call. ***


RC Car

RC Car

This week I tried my hand at panning. You know the technique of following your subject through its motion to create a shot with movement but have your subject clear and sharp. Well I didn’t have a great go at it but I did learn a lot and was able to get the hang of it before the light ran out.

So what better thing for a guy to photography on a week night than his neighbours racing up and down the street with their RC cars. Panning at 35mph If I can get that surely a couple dancing at their wedding won’t be half as hard.

Here is what I learnt. 1) Light is the key here and this might be the down fall of a lot of these shots to be perfect but I was close. In a wedding shoot, light maybe more scarce but the speed at which you pan is nowhere near 35mph. 2) Lens: A prime lens was much easier to get sharp images with. I used a Nikkor 105mm f2.8 Macro VR. It was sharp and fast to focus. The 105mm magnification was a bit troublesome on the street though. 3) Surrounding obstacles could be an issue at a wedding dance. On the street it was kids, curbs and real cars. At a wedding it would be people, kids, and other stuff. Check your surroundings and if you can find out if the couple has a planned dance.

All in all it was an excellent experience in photography. I am waiting for a sunny day to attempt it again. I will update this post with the results of the shoot to compare. You can be the judge.

Till next time keep shooting.

World wide photo walk 2010

Yesterday I attend my first Scott Kelby world wide photo walk here in Ottawa. I really didn’t know what to expect before going. I was joined by a friend of mine who shoots like me for fun and friends. Both of us were hoping to be inspired either by the leader or other individuals. I don’t think I was, or at least I didn’t feel I was. And as for my buddy, I think he was feeling the same.

The above is a link to a gallery of images I liked and post processed in Lightroom 3. The images are OK but I feel I can do better. I have to admit landscape and urban landscape photography are not my strong suites and I use these events to try to better my skills and open my artistic view.

The location was in an area in Ottawa we call the market. Lots of little shops, restaurants and tourists. The biggest issue of the day was the heat and humidity. Almost 95% by noon! So it was sticky and not a breeze at all. Now the area is great for a photo walk but I have lived here for a while and actually did some photographic art classes in the area which had us out side shooting a few times so I felt I needed something new.

I think if you are comfortable you could shoot random people if you were able to get their permission or at least take the shots from a distance. I think this could make for some interesting images and stories.

So all in all I think I might have failed my first photo walk. None the less there is a small gallery for you to be the judge.

Till next time keep shooting!