HDR at the farm

HDR Barn

HDR Barn

Did some HDR today. I don’t do a lot of HDR but I do like it. Any way it is fun and brings out quite a different image.

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Little Rays Reptiles Gallery

Over the last few years we as a family have been visiting Little Ray’s Reptiles here in Ottawa. Since they renovated the zoo is even better. I think the only thing that could have been better would have been if the building was bigger. Mind you they have utilized the space much better. The new displays are easy to read and have a lot of great info.

Quick pic – Dragonfly


Another trip to Little Ray’s

Hey everyone, it has been a while since I posted. Actually I have been posting more often on 500px check it out. Any way this weekend the family took a drive over to Little Ray’s Reptile zoo. It is a family fav and their new display Venom was great. Learned that Canada is home to three different rattlesnakes. Plus the most venomous snake is also the least dangerous of them all. A lot of great info and some new pets in the feed demo and hands on demo.

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Bright eyes

Just a quick picture from a walk in the woods the other day. Enjoy.

Hoo hoo


Go figure. This shot has an interesting story behind it. First off I didn’t take it. It was actually taken by my wife Natalie with the camera she recently bought for me (along with some help from a lot of friends) for my 40th birthday.

We went for a walk this past weekend in the woods near our home and as always I brought my DSLR with me and my wife usually brings a point and shoot to take shots of me or the kids checking things out.

This time I was a bit ahead with one of the kids when I heard her yelling my name. So I trekked back to where she was only to see this owl flying off in to the woods. My wife got a few shots of the beautiful animal.

Tweet tweet


A fellow shooter and I decided to escape our homes of 21 degrees C and venture out in to the -15 degrees C. We found a feeder that someone hung up teeming with chickadees. Unfortunately that’s the only bird that would show up.
Needless to say we still got some great shots. Take a look and enjoy. The colour is beautiful since it was a sunny day with not a cloud in the sky. The sun had its warm colour coming through the trees.

Tic Toc

Clock Cogs
Just a shot from things around or on my desk. Some post processing to give it the yellow tint.

Happy Holidays


Black and White from HDR






Some shots from the weekend



Monkeying around


Flowers, Macro and Lightroom


Some flowers, a little macro work and a bit of creativity in Lightroom. Voila!

Polar Bear at Toronto Zoo

Polar BearJust a quick post of a photo I found in the archives this weekend. This is the polar bear at the Toronto Zoo.

More Nature shots


Martial Arts Shoot


High Key Photography

High Key photo of duck
Just a quick post from a day of biking around with my camera. I have always been a big fan of high key photography particularly portraits. Last week I saw an interesting high key photo that re-sparked my interest. Above is the result.

Frogs up close


Amphibians! Check out the gallery after the jump!

Sunny Glow


Hop hop!


Colour Casting


Hey everyone recently I went on a back country canoe trip with some buddies and of course I could not leave behind my camera. On top of bringing most of my lenses, I also rented a Nikkor 10-24mm f3.5-4.5 wide zoom. Now a while back I never thought of landscape or wide angle photography to be of any interest to me, but upon shooting a family portrait for a friend of my wife’s, I found an interest sparked. So for this trip with clear night skys and beautiful sun rises and sun sets I couldn’t pass up renting one.





Another Hike


Went for another walk today. Didn’t see as much snakes this time but still saw some to take some images. There were a few more flowers in bloom too so I took a few shots of those. Along the walk there were some rock sculptures and of course the area was full of ponds and large water masses.