Black and White from HDR



Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Killer Tips logoA lot of people ask me where I get all my cool Lr presets. It is simple! Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips that is hosted by Matt Kloskowski. Matt is a Lr expert. I go to his site on a daily bases to learn, look and browse information on Lightroom. The best thing is the content on his site is free.

His site is part of the Kelby Media Group that host a collection of Adobe and photography related sites that I have to say I visit often. I use the Kelby Training site a lot to learn Photoshop products as well as photography. I even found a great set of training videos that helped me create and launch this site.

What I like about Matt’s site is it is a combination of tips, downloads, reviews, how to’s and information about Lr. And Matt delivers this either by video or text depending on what works better for the information being presented.

The other interesting part of Matt’s site is he always has interviews with Adobe staff on Lightroom which get a closer look in to the product. This week he took on a new approach and interview a fellow Lr blogger which prompted me to write this post. You see the site is a direct advertisement for the Kelby Traing site but it is never presented that way. In-fact you would never need to visit Kelby Training to learn enough about Lr to be satisfied, but if you are a learning junkie like me the site is a great prequel to the mother site.

If you find yourself over whelmed with all the cool features of Lightroom and don’t have the $200 or so bucks to join the training site, or if you are looking for a starting point this is the starting point you need to go to. Check it out!

Bye for now… keep shooting!

Clone Stamp tool

before image of apples with toothpicks


This week at school we did a little project using the photoshop clone stamp tool to create expanded views of cut up fruit and vegetables. It was fun and very interactive with the rest of the class. People created their own displays and we all took turns photographing them.

The first steps where to cut up a fruit or vegetable and piece it together using toothpicks as shown here. It wasn’t easy to get everything to stay together right away. I would suggest you start small maybe and work your way up to more complex displays.


Look no hands!

Fish floating

Look no hands!

Since I started to learn photography I have tried in many ways to get my family involved in my hobby. My wife constantly poses for me and my son and daughters are ready for any sort of paparazzi their future careers might engage them with. But really I have been looking for some photography to get them excited about seeing the image and sharing it with their friends and grand parents.

While looking through an issue of a photo magazine I found a simple technique that wasn’t new to me just showed a different way to use it and get the family involved a bit. So today I am going to demonstrate how to use mask edits to create the following type of pictures.

Step one you need to shoot two images and they have to be done on a tripod other wise you will have a hell of a time lining up the images. The first image I shot was the person or people propped up on a supporting object(s). In my case was an upside down toy container which is usually the state it is in in my house. I used my cameras lock focus to ensure that the two images have the same focal point and depth of field. You might have to do this if you are in a shorter room or not in front of a window. Next I shot the empty image as I call it. It is void of any people or props.