Bright eyes

Just a quick picture from a walk in the woods the other day. Enjoy.

Hoo hoo

Go figure. This shot has an interesting story behind it. First off I didn’t take it. It was actually taken by my wife Natalie with the camera she recently bought for me (along with some help from a lot of friends) for my 40th birthday.

We went for a walk this past weekend in the woods near our home and as always I brought my DSLR with me and my wife usually brings a point and shoot to take shots of me or the kids checking things out.

This time I was a bit ahead with one of the kids when I heard her yelling my name. So I trekked back to where she was only to see this owl flying off in to the woods. My wife got a few shots of the beautiful animal.

Tweet tweet

A fellow shooter and I decided to escape our homes of 21 degrees C and venture out in to the -15 degrees C. We found a feeder that someone hung up teeming with chickadees. Unfortunately that’s the only bird that would show up.
Needless to say we still got some great shots. Take a look and enjoy. The colour is beautiful since it was a sunny day with not a cloud in the sky. The sun had its warm colour coming through the trees.
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Tic Toc

Clock Cogs
Just a shot from things around or on my desk. Some post processing to give it the yellow tint.