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Finding the Warmth

B and W Tree

Finally got out an did some shooting with a friend of mine today. It was snowing here in Ottawa and we decided to just walk the nearby trails and see what inspired us.

Alas due to the snow and clouds there wasn’t much warm light so everything felt black and white. Finding some warmth in our coloured shots was hard. Some nice B&W shot came out nice and were well fitted to the atmosphere.

Arched Bridge

Then we came across this bridge that the city put in this summer and the rust colour just stood out against the white and black ambience. plus the added symmetry made this a good shot. The snow falling added to the depth. All in all I liked this shot. Hope you can enjoy the winter.

Till next time keep shooting.

You never know

CreekThe family went to the park the other day and of course I brought my camera. While I chased the kids at the park I shot from all kinds of angles to practice some composition.

On the way home there is a creek that passes under the road and this seen caught my eye so I took an extra second to take a shot. Hope you like it.

Till next time keep shooting!