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The Last Image

Lilly PadOk ok it’s not my last image but it is the last or at least one of the last images I snapped off before I dunked my SB-800 into the water.

Ya I was hiking with my family and decided to bring along my camera and a flash to do some macro stuff. Well 5 minutes in I dunked it into the lake! I was so pissed. Any way I ordered a new SB-900 which should be here soon mean while I thought you might like this shot before I start a review of the SB-900. The 800 was an awesome flash and I watched a lot of Joe McNally training videos which helped me get the most out of it. Can’t wait to put the 900 through the same test.

Tell next time keep shooting!

Studio Lighting


Studio at home

This week we started a multi-part series on studio lighting. Now I am not talking about setting up flashes in a room with modifiers. I am talking power packs, strobes and large light modifiers. Plus we started to learn to use a light meter. This shot (left) was with one flash through an umbrella.

Now I am not sold on light metters in the digital SRL world simply because I can delete my test image and it doesn’t cost me a penny. Don’t get me wrong, they work and all but I find it an extra step and piece of equipment. Why go up to my subject and place a meter on them and determine what the intial setting of my camera should be, when I can meter in my camera and get pretty close to start and then go straight to making adjustments without having to go back and forth to and from the subject and my shooting position. For me in the end I usually don’t go with the “correct” exposure anyway. I like to be artistic and play with light so the metering gets me no closer to my desired exposure than just using my camera’s metering. Plus it must be from the point of view of the light source and not the camera. Meaning you meter from the direction of the light, where as when you meter with your camera you are doing it from the camera’s point of view which in some cases maybe more accurate. (more…)