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Black and White from HDR



Clone Stamp tool

before image of apples with toothpicks


This week at school we did a little project using the photoshop clone stamp tool to create expanded views of cut up fruit and vegetables. It was fun and very interactive with the rest of the class. People created their own displays and we all took turns photographing them.

The first steps where to cut up a fruit or vegetable and piece it together using toothpicks as shown here. It wasn’t easy to get everything to stay together right away. I would suggest you start small maybe and work your way up to more complex displays.



Just wanted to share some images I did this weekend. I got my wife some flowers for her birthday and like always I photographed them just incase she tells me one day I never buy her flowers. Just kidding!

Any way all I did here was use my D300 with either my 105mm or my 17-55mm. Coupled with and Ezybox softbox to defuse the light over my SB800 against a black fabric background. Simple! Then using Lightroom or Photoshop I removed some stems.

Hope you enjoy.