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Little Rays Reptiles Gallery

Over the last few years we as a family have been visiting Little Ray’s Reptiles here in Ottawa. Since they renovated the zoo is even better. I think the only thing that could have been better would have been if the building was bigger. Mind you they have utilized the space much better. The new displays are easy to read and have a lot of great info.

Another trip to Little Ray’s

Hey everyone, it has been a while since I posted. Actually I have been posting more often on 500px check it out. Any way this weekend the family took a drive over to Little Ray’s Reptile zoo. It is a family fav and their new display Venom was great. Learned that Canada is home to three different rattlesnakes. Plus the most venomous snake is also the least dangerous of them all. A lot of great info and some new pets in the feed demo and hands on demo.

Gallery after the jump…


Another Hike


Went for another walk today. Didn’t see as much snakes this time but still saw some to take some images. There were a few more flowers in bloom too so I took a few shots of those. Along the walk there were some rock sculptures and of course the area was full of ponds and large water masses.

First Hike of 2011