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Tilt – Shift Photography

The Market II

This weeks class was on Tilt-Shift photography. For those of you who don’t know this concept check this link out.

Tilt shift photography is a fun form a shooting. It is especially great if you can get an over view look at a busy area in a urban centre. Although I saw some awesome examples from my class mates this week who didn’t follow this concept at all. So mostly it is a trial and error approach.

It is a very artistic form of photography and lends it self to creating very interesting images which make a lot of people say “Wow!” Add night shooting into the mike and you have some neat lighting effects. At first you might have a hard time getting right as I did, but if you try to get as high up as you can, you will see the results get better. Then once you get a feel for it you can try more challenging angles.

One key to any tilt shift photos is I found the shots my classmates made had bright contrasting colours so keep that in mind. (more…)